Fumigation, for several years, has been the most effective way of eradicating termites in homes. The process treats all areas accessible and inaccessible leaving no room for error. All areas under the tent are treated and guaranteed. This process is three days long. Day 1, we arrive at the property and conduct an initial inspection of the property to ensure it is safe to proceed. Once it is safe to proceed, we continue to "wrap" the structure using tarps. Once we have the tarps in place, we proceed to release the Vikane Gas. Once the appropriate amount has been released, the property is left. Day 2, the crew removes the tarps from the structure, allowing for the property to "air out". This process is aided with large fans. Once the property has been properly aired out, the crew once again leaves. Day 3, (usually in the morning), the crew enters the property to inspect with special instruments to determine the air quality. Once the air quality is at a safe level, the licensed fumigator certifies the property and it is now Safe for Re-Entry. This treatment comes with a two year warranty for existing infestations.

Alternative to Fumigation,  FTC is an alternative to fumigation. There are many times where traditional fumigation are not feasible or owner prefers not to fumigate. So if the property meets the criteria. The process used is referred to as a "Full foam". The process entails drilling holes into your wall voids and injecting a foam solution that will then expand and fill the void. The foam then coats the wall studs and interior framing, thus treating them. The holes are then patched up and primed. The drawback to this method is that some small areas may go untreated. If an infestation lives in those small areas, further treatment will be required.


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