Subterranean Treatments

Trench and Treat, This method is used for eradicating Subterranean Termites. Subterranean Termite colony must remain in constant contact with the soil. The best method to employ is called trench and treat. This is where we create an approx. 6x6 trench around the point of entry into the structure and inject a chemical directly into the soil. The trench is then filled with the soil. This creates a chemical barrier disallowing any termites inside the structure passage back into the soil, killing them and also disallowing the termites in the soil passage into the structure. This method can be deployed as a preventative measure as well.

Sub-Slab injection, This method is also used for the eradication of subterranean termites. If a subterranean termite colony is attacking a structure that is built on a slab foundation, a chemical barrier must be put in place. In order to create the barrier with a slab construction, holes must be drilled every 12 inches into the slab foundation in order to reach the soil below. The chemical is then injected into the holes creating a barrier under the slab, but on top of the soil.

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