I have been working with Fusion Exterminators for six years now.  I was introduced to Sharlene and Eddie through another Realtor, and had never thought about leaving the termite company I had worked with for years.  At this time, I was juggling 150 bank-owned listings, and 30 escrows per month.  I didn't have time to worry about chasing termite reports and repairs.  Fusion took a huge weight off my shoulders.  They've always accommodated my unrealistic time frames, and the turnaround time for reports is super fast!  Same goes with work that needs to be done.  I email the work authorization over and I have the completion in no time at all.  The quality of work is by far the best I've seen.  On a side note, Sharlene and Eddie are two of the sweetest, most professional people you'll meet.  A+ from one of the toughest critics in the real estate industry!

PETER -General Manager Quantum Realtors

I have used Fusion Exterminating for several years.  The technician, Eddie, is always on time and professional.  I can trust that his report is thorough & honest.  The reports are easy to read and I am assured my clients are in good hands with Fusion.  

Kathy -Seven Gables Real Estate

In my line of work, I work with many different exterminators. Until I started working with Fusion on the recommendation of a very good client, I had no loyalty to one exterminator over another because, frankly, they all seemed to be about the same. Now, whenever I have the abilty to designate the exterminator in a transaction, I use Fusion. The team at Fusion is professional, thorough, and - most importantly - honest. Every time I refer a service provider to clients in my business, I am staking my reputation on the provider. I have NO hesitation to refer Fusion. 

Michael -VILLA Real Estate Professional

Based on our almost 10-yr business relationship, Sharlene and her crew our the "Go-To" termite company for our office.  Here's why: 1) Being in the real estate business for 20+ years, and having worked with various termite companies, we trust their experience and expertise. This is invaluable. 2) They are reliable and AVAILABLE.  They arrive when they say they are going to arrive. They answer the phone about 99% of the time, the other 1% they call back right away.  When time is of the essence, this is of major importance for our clientele due to escrow closings etc. 3) They are true professionals.  Their trucks are labeled, inspectors uniformed, professional telephone etiquette, friendly service, etc. 4) Lastly, their quotes are reasonable and honest. Also of major importance for our clients. We highly recommend Fusion Exterminators.

Gina with Todd -Real Estate Group